Animals And Children is stripped down co-ed melodic hardcore street punk from Los Angeles. Where most bands would do an intro, they won’t. Quick and to the point, AAC echoes the urgency and despair of Black Flag, The Descendents, The Ramones, and The Exploited.

Formed in 2018, Animals And Children is the brainchild of lyricist, vocalist, and guitarist Alex Napiwocki (White Coffin). He is joined by Jasmine Tomita on drums (NOTLR) and Sage Tomita on bass (Varsity Fight Club).

Too Fucked To Fail is their freshman release featuring 3 songs in under 4 minutes.  Napiwocki’s lyrics reflect on years lost, addictions gained, nights of debauchery, days all alone, living in chaos, mental illness, and being completely misunderstood, even to oneself. 

While still a new band their credits are quickly building. 

They are the opening track on Vicious Mistress Records latest comp “Punk In The Streets 5” (featuring The Restarts). They are also featured on the Riot Ready Records “LA Needs A Riot” compilation. 

Animals And Children have been featured on multiple podcasts and radio shows including- 

  • Real Punk Radio’s Tony Unit Live (episode 382) 
  • No Values (episode 19) 
  • X-Static Radio (episode 21) 
  • Bob’s Asylum Radio On Whatever68 (1-14-19) 
  • Trucker Nation USA (Episode 10)
  • RedLight District Show (12/14/18)
  • Rebel Sounds (episode 238) 
  • Punky Radio (2/5/19)